American Association of Zoo Keepers, Tulsa Chapter
Tulsa Chapter of American Association of Zookeepers
Dedicated to Professional Animal Care and Conservation
Zookeepers and Volunteers

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In a continuing effort to help protect all five remaining species of rhinos, our chapter holds an event called "Bowling For Rhinos". This fundraiser is held annually in which 100% of all proceeds will go directly to support three protected areas for rhinos:
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (LWC) in Kenya
Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia 
Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP) in Sumatra, Indonesia 

The American Association of Zoo keepers (AAZK) expresses its concern over the plight of the rhino by taking action. We hope to raise enough money to save these valuable ecosystems for future generations.

Remember this can be your personal or your company's opportunity to be a strong voice in the worldwide effort to conserve endangered species. If you would be willing to donate monetarily, items for prizes or show up to bowl on BFR Night please contact us! Thank you for your interest of this important matter and together we can save our endangered animals!

Tulsa Chapter's Contributions 
2003               $4,800.00
2004               $6,000.00
2005               $9,000.00  
2006               $13,000.00
2007              $12,000.00 
2008              $11,000.00
2009              $12,300.00
2010              $10,172.00
2011               $9,258.00
2012               $7,146.00
2013 $12,200.00

Total: $106,867.00

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